Get Into Grocery

Thinking about adding grocery options to your restaurant? We can help.

If you're in the foodservice industry, your business has likely been affected by COVID-19

While you may have already begun to offer delivery or take-out, it may not be enough to ensure your business can make ends meet.

We can help you navigate your way back to profitability while keeping your customers and staff safe.

Why does it make sense to add grocery to your foodservice business?

There's huge demand for accessible healthy food

Social distancing and an enhanced focus on health and wellness are making a real impact on consumer choices – the demand for nutritious food has never been higher

You've got (almost) everything you need to start

Restaurants everywhere are expanding their portfolio with grocery items that meet the needs of their customers. You're closer than you think to getting started

Why is it the right time to make the move into grocery?

Your customers trust you

You’ve spent your career building a unique brand that your customers trust. Now, you can unlock that brand equity, and easily expand your offering when customers need it most

Increase your order size

While you may already offer your menu through delivery services, grocery items can increase the average order size and drive repeat purchases for products customers can’t find in stores

Americans want to shop local

Americans are looking to support local businesses now, and early indications show that this will continue. You can give customers an alternative to big box stores and national chains

Is this just a trend that will pass once COVID-19 has been contained?

How customers buy groceries is evolving

Meal kits, subscription boxes, and food delivery was just the start. With new innovations and healthier alternatives, people are changing the way they think about and buy food.

Expect a continued focus on health and trust

Customers will continue to look for healthy and sustainable options, especially as towns and cities will put their focus back on rebuilding Main Street. Get ahead of this trend and give your customers an alternative

Not convinced?

Here are some examples of businesses like yours who've successfully made the switch to grocery...

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Ready to get started? Here's what you need:

Get your reseller tax ID

This allows you to purchase inventory at wholesale prices. Depending on your state, it will also allow you to make those purchases tax-free to avoid double taxation.

Curate your inventory

Based on your business, your brand, and your customer's dietary needs, you can begin to curate your grocery shelves.

Manage your point-of-sale system

If you’re looking to offer groceries to your take-out customers, don’t be intimidated. You may not know it, but your restaurant’s point-of-sale (POS) system can likely accommodate product SKU’s.

Select a delivery service provider

Whether it's DoorDash, Uber Eats or GrubHub, we've pulled together a quick guide to help you pick the right delivery service provider for you.

Let your customers know

Social Media: Make sure to post about it on your social media channels; local news outlets can also use this kind of buzz to push your announcement to a broader audience

Email: If your restaurant has been collecting customer e-mails, this is the perfect opportunity to use them. Consider adding a discount or promo code to thank them for their loyalty and give an added push to try out your new service