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Ideas for restaurants who are expanding into grocery

Your restaurant has its own unique identity

Why not use that identity to inform the choices that you make when offering grocery items to your customers?

We've curated some sample shelves to inspire you.

Some things to keep in mind as you get started…

Shop local & independent: All of the products we’ve recommended are made in the United States by small businesses, many of which are feeling the same pressures that you're feeling

Focus on quality: These items come from small-batch producers who focus on high quality ingredients and cater to customers with a variety of dietary needs

Fresh fruits and veggies are an obvious choice, but there are so many options you can choose to surprise and delight your customers who may be tired of picked over shelves and diminishing options from their grocer.

Easy Baking Mixes

Baking supplies are flying off shelves all over the country. Try Renewal Mill’s up-cycled, vegan, and gluten-free dark chocolate brownie mix

Egg & Cheese Alternatives

Make sure your customers can continue eating the foods they love; We recommend Spero, who offer cream cheese and egg substitutes that are entirely plant based and made from superfoods

Quick Dinner Kits

We love Sunflower Family’s organic meal kits which include hearty vegan chilis, stews, and pasta sauces

Unique Meat Alternatives

Why stick to the big brands when there are so many other options? Mementa’s got an incredible canned BBQ pulled jackfruit that can save your customers a lot of time in the kitchen


Snacks are an easy add-on to your customer’s cart. It helps increase their total spend and can be a good introduction to your new offering. Try Pan’s Mushroom Jerky, Three Dad’s cheesy popcorn (with nutritional yeast), or Green Mustache cheddar-ish crackers

Customers with specific dietary requirements shouldn’t have to make tough decisions when it comes to healthy food. Here are our recommendations to create a better-for-you grocery selection that keeps your gluten-sensitive customers happy.

Simple Bread Mixes

Everyone is getting into bread baking – here are some great, easy gluten-free bread baking kits from Chebe

Grain-Free Pastas

We love The Only Bean’s black bean and edamame-based pasta alternatives. They’re also organic, free from GMO’s, and certified organic.

Hearty Breakfast Options

Lark Ellen Farm’s grain-free cereals and granola are a satisfying way to start your day. We also love Mylk Labs’ oatmeal cups which are free from both gluten and animal milk products


Another easy way to increase your customer’s order size. We love Pipcorn’s heirloom corn snacks; try their Truffle Popcorn, or the bestselling cheese balls and corn dippers

Whether your customers are following keto or paleo diets, or they’re just interested in consuming high quality proteins, we’ve curated a some options that are sure to leave them feeling satisfied.

Supplement Alternatives

For customers who are keeping up with their workouts, SuperFat has delicious and easy plant-protein enhanced nut-butter pouches that will give them a burst of energy

Guilt-Free Chips

Quevos have produced a keto-friendly, high protein chip made entirely from egg whites. What's not to love?


Think of it as a better-for-you beef jerky. Air dried, with 14 grams of protein in a serving, we’re fans of Brooklyn Biltong Yebo which features grass-fed beef, and no added sugar

On-the-go Meal Bars

Meal bars are a customer favourite, but there are so many on the market that choosing one can be overwhelming. We’ll make it easy; IQBAR makes vegan, paleo, and keto bars that get the job done

Wholesale Check-List

Getting started shouldn’t be a headache. When finding wholesale items that work for you, keep these three things in mind…

  • Low minimums: Look for brands with low minimum orders. That way, you can try out a smaller amount to see if it works for your customers – no waste.

  • Low shipping costs: High shipping costs can eat into your margins; keep this in mind when choosing products

  • Click-to-curb delivery: Look for options that will help keep your staff safe and limit traffic from salespeople or distributors to your store

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