Find a delivery partner

Help your customers avoid lines and abide by social distancing

Delivery services can help you get your items in the hands of your customers

With increased restrictions caused by COVID-19, these services offer contactless pick-ups, and prioritize sanitization. We can help you navigate the different options so you can find the ones that work for you.


Offer: New restaurants get 30 days commission-free

  • Getting started: Once you apply, you'll receive a login to your Merchant Portal. Here, you can upload your banking information, restaurant hours, as well as your menu. Your restaurant will only become active once your application has been approved. Doordash has POS integration with multiple service providers, so check to see if yours can be accommodated

  • Fees & Commissions: Restaurants pay an average commission of 20% for every Doordash order


Offer: $250 in marketing dollars to new restaurants, as well as a tablet to help you manage orders

  • Getting started: Once your contract has been signed with Grubhub, you need to update your financials, your restaurant information, as well as your menu. Grubhub also includes a tablet to manage orders, so you'll also need to set up your hardware once it's been received

  • Fees & Commissions: Grubhub will take an average commission of 13.5% for every order, however there can be added fees associated with quicker payouts or additional account services

Uber Eats

Offer: Uber Eats is waiving the delivery fee for local customers in an effort to keep demand high

  • Getting started: The Uber Eats sign-up process is fairly simple; you just create an account, upload your menu, and then access your Restaurant Dashboard. Restaurants can be live on the service within a few days of signing up, and Uber Eats also offers a tablet and Restaurant Manager software to help keep things running smoothly

  • Fees & Commissions: Uber Eats takes the steepest cut of these services with a 30% commission on every order


Offer: Nothing for new partners, but customers can use code SAVE100 for $100 in delivery fee credits

  • Getting started: Once signing your contract, the account set-up time is around 10 days. Postmates also includes a tablet to help you manage the flow of orders coming into your business, which should arrive within 15 days. Postmates contracts are non-exclusive and month-to-month

  • Fees & Commissions: Postmates' commission is 19.99% of each order on the platform, capped at a maximum of $20 per order

Things to keep in mind...

Delivery services and be a great convenient tool for your customers, but there are things to remember when trying to decide if they're the right choice for your business...

  • Start small: If you're just getting started, we recommend picking one service first so that you can get your logistics in check and understand the impact on staffing, your margins, and your capacity

  • Margins: Can your margins withstand an additional 20-30% cut? While it's great that these platforms promise additional reach and exposure to new customers to help increase your order volume, the financials need to make sense for you and your business

  • Integrity: As these services outsource the delivery of your items, you cannot always guarantee that your customer's grocery order will reach them in a way that's representative of your brand. You are taking on added risk for the potential of reaching new customers